Title: The Werewolf of Paris: A Novel, Author: Guy Endore
Title: Legal Thriller, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Ph.Dead, Author: JP Bloch
Title: The Prosecution Of Mr. Darcy's Cousin, Author: Regina Jeffers
Title: The Lambs of War, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: How To Eat An Elephant, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Shadow Language, Author: JP Bloch
Title: The Silk Noose, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Rosso, Author: Duncan Jefferson
Title: The Device Trial, Author: Tom Breen
Title: Little Katie Goes to the Moon, Author: Carmela Dutra
Title: Willie - The Man, the Myth and the Era, Texas Roots/California Dreams, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Thirsty Barrel Taphouse & Grill Employee Manual, Author: Pegasus Books
Title: Charles Dickens in Love: A Biography, Author: Robert Garnett
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Title: The Case of the Bent Spoke: A Poplar Cove Myster, Author: Patricia Canterbury
Title: Two Matadors, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Synchronicity, Author: Marcus McGee
Title: Deadbeat Dad, Author: JP Bloch
Title: The Boy, Author: Gary Clarke
Title: Deja Vu, Italian Style, Author: Lou Macaluso

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