Title: Book of Blues, Author: Jack Kerouac
Title: Another Reason, Author: Carl Dennis
Title: Anatomy of Melancholy and Other Poems, Author: Robert Wrigley
Title: Unknown Friends, Author: Carl Dennis
Title: Or to Begin Again, Author: Ann Lauterbach
Title: In the Pines, Author: Alice Notley
Title: Way More West, Author: Edward Dorn
Title: Sightseer in This Killing City, Author: Eugene Gloria
Title: Tertulia, Author: Vincent Toro
Title: Excerpts from a Secret Prophecy, Author: Joanna Klink
Title: Loba, Author: Diane di Prima
Title: Museum of the Americas, Author: J. Michael Martinez
Title: Culture of One, Author: Alice Notley
Title: Visible Signs: New and Selected Poems, Author: Lawrence Raab
Title: Holy Heathen Rhapsody, Author: Pattiann Rogers
Title: Lean Against This Late Hour, Author: Garous Abdolmalekian
Title: The Descent of Alette, Author: Alice Notley
Title: The Narrow Circle, Author: Nathan Hoks
Title: It Shouldn't Have Been Beautiful, Author: Lia Purpura
Title: Trickster Feminism, Author: Anne Waldman

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