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Title: The Blue Sweetheart - The Cop On The Corner, Author: David Goodis
Title: Poison Correspondent - 8 Dizzy Duo Yarns vol 2, Author: Joe Archibald
Title: Dead Scream - The Flatfoot Adventures of Alvin Hinkey, Author: Joe Archibald
Title: Torture The Damned - 7 Pulp Thrillers, Author: Donald Bayne Hobart
Title: Corpse's Hunch - 13 Pulp Tales of Murder, Author: John L Benton
Title: Chamber of Skulls - 8 Tales of Weird Murder, Author: John H. Knox
Title: Don't Fence Me Out, Author: Brett Halliday
Title: Gangland Rackets - 4 Tales of Strippers and Mobsters, Author: Evan Slyter
Title: Gun Molls - 3 Pulp Thrillers!, Author: Paul PERRY
Title: House of Terror - 6 Tales of Weird Mystery, Author: Richard Sale
Title: The Bribe Wore Red, Author: Joe Archibald
Title: Tea Party Crooks - 10 Pulp Tales of Murder, Author: Bruno Fisher
Title: The Cop on the Corner, Author: David Goodis
Title: The Romance of Piute Bill, Author: Louis L'Amour
Title: The Cloud Runner - 5 Pulp Aviation Tales!, Author: Arthur J. Burks
Title: Spend Christmas With Us, Author: Kathleen Norris
Title: In The Morgue, Author: Dashiell Hammett
Title: Trump For The Ace, Author: Robert Leslie Bellem
Title: Monsters of Mars, Author: Edmond Hamilton
Title: Blind Mayhem - 7 Thrilling Nick Ransom Novelets, Author: Robert Leslie Bellem

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