Title: Coin, Kirk, Class and Kin: Emigration, Social Change and Identity in Southern Scotland, Author: Melodee Beals
Title: Intercultural Competence: Concepts, Challenges, Evaluations, Author: Arnd Witte
Title: Simpliciana: Schriften der Grimmelshausen-Gesellschaft XXXIII (2011)- In Verbindung mit dem Vorstand der Grimmelshausen-Gesellschaft, Author: Peter Lang AG
Title: Studies in Learner Corpus Linguistics: Research and Applications for Foreign Language Teaching and Assessment, Author: Erik Castello
Title: Pictures of the Mind: Surrealist Photography and Film, Author: Ramona Fotiade
Title: Dictionary of Surrey English: A New Edition of
Title: A Land on the Threshold: South Tyrolean Transformations, 1915-2015, Author: Georg Grote
Title: Being Poor in Modern Europe: Historical Perspectives 1800-1940, Author: Andreas Gestrich
Title: Nova Acta Paracelsica: Doppelnummer 24/25 (2010/2011), Author: Pia Holenstein Weidmann
Title: Translating Emotion: Studies in Transformation and Renewal Between Languages, Author: Kathleen Shields
Title: Le sentiment d'efficacite personnelle d'eleves en contexte plurilingue: Le cas du francais au secondaire dans la Vallee d'Aoste, Author: Isabelle Puozzo
Title: The Politics of Senegambian Integration, 1958-1994, Author: Jeggan C. Senghor
Title: Painted Poetry: Colour in Baudelaire's Art Criticism, Author: Ann Kennedy Smith
Title: Istoire de la Passion douloureuse: Texte edite et annote par Tamara Steiner, Author: Sr. Tamara Steiner
Title: Shame, Masculinity and Desire of Belonging: Reading Contemporary Male Writers, Author: Aneta Stepien
Title: Translation Peripheries: Paratextual Elements in Translation, Author: Anna Gil Bardaji
Title: The Uses of Chaos, Author: Roger Grainger
Title: Les plantes d'Adonis, Author: Jacques Chamay
Title: Cristo primizia dei morti e la risurrezione dei credenti: Studio su 1Cor 15, Author: Gaetano Di Palma
Title: Relations de travail et organisations : plaidoyer(s) pour une lecture paradoxale: Deuxieme tirage, Author: Stephane Leymarie

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