Title: Naked Gun: Trilogy Collection
Title: 50 First Dates
Title: Anger Management/You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Title: Tommy Boy
Director: Peter Segal
Title: My Fellow Americans
Director: Peter Segal
Title: The Longest Yard
Director: Peter Segal
Title: Naked Gun Trilogy Collection
Title: Laught Out Loud 4-Movie Collection
Title: 50 First Dates/Just Go with It
Title: 6 Film Comedy Collection
Title: The Klumps: Nutty Professor II - Uncensored
Title: Get Smart
Director: Peter Segal
Title: Second Act
Title: Grudge Match
Title: 50 First Dates/Big Daddy
Title: White House Collection: 4 Film Favorites
Title: Adam Sandler Multi Feature Fall 2012
Title: Nutty Professor/Nutty Professor Ii: the Klumps
Title: Get Smart/Yes Man
Title: Nutty Professor Collection

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