Title: Christian Faith in English Church Schools: Research Conversations with Classroom Teachers, Author: Trevor Cooling
Title: Only Connect: E. M. Forster's Legacies in British Fiction, Author: Elsa Cavalié
Title: Otto Dix and the First World War: Grotesque Humor, Camaraderie and Remembrance, Author: Michael Mackenzie
Title: Media and Cosmopolitanism, Author: Aris Mousoutzanis
Title: Dimensions of Prejudice: Towards a Political Economy of Bigotry, Author: Zak Cope
Title: A Poetics on Edge: - The Poetry and Prose of Sylvia Plath: A study of Sylvia Plath's poetic and poetological developments / Edition 1, Author: Silvianne Blosser
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Title: Mount Athos: Microcosm of the Christian East, Author: Kallistos Ware
Title: His Hawaiian Excellency: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the Annexation of Hawai, Author: Niklaus R. Schweizer
Title: El papel del oyente en la construccion de la conversacion espontanea de estudiantes italianos en su interlengua y en su lengua materna, Author: Consuelo Pascual Escagedo
Title: Fabulous Ireland-
Title: Translating Popular Fiction: Embracing Otherness in Japanese Translations, Author: Kayoko Nohara
Title: More Writers of the Spanish Civil War: Experience Put to Use, Author: Celia M. Wallhead
Title: Patterns of Patronage in Renaissance Rome: Francesco Sperulo: Poet, Prelate, Soldier, Spy - Volume I, Author: Paul Gwynne
Title: Italy, Islam and the Islamic World: Representations and Reflections, from 9/11 to the Arab Uprisings, Author: Charles Burdett
Title: Stem Family in Eurasian Perspective: Revisiting House Societies, 17th-20th Centuries (Volume 10), Author: Antoinette Fauve-Chamoux
Title: Destination Italy; Representing Migration in Contemporary Media and Narrative, Author: Emma Bond
Title: Telecollaboration 2.0: Language, Literacies and Intercultural Learning in the 21 st Century, Author: Francesca Helm

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