Title: Christian Faith in English Church Schools: Research Conversations with Classroom Teachers, Author: Trevor Cooling
Title: Symbols of Anguish: In Search of Melancholy in China: Helmut Martin (1940-1999)
Title: The Fiction of J. M. G. Le Clezio: A Postcolonial Reading, Author: Bronwen Martin
Title: His Hawaiian Excellency: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the Annexation of Hawai, Author: Niklaus R. Schweizer
Title: Acquisition of
Title: Building Up Aspect: A study of aspect and related categories in Bulgarian, with parallels in English and French, Author: Maria Stambolieva
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Title: The Greek Orthodox Community of Mytilene: Between the Ottoman Empire and the Greek State, 1876-1912, Author: Maria Mandamadiotou
Title: Deutsche Oper im 20. Jahrhundert. DDR 1949 - 1989, Author: Sigrid und Hermann Neef
Title: The Liturgical Vision of Pope Benedict XVI; A Theological Inquiry, Author: Mariusz Biliniewicz
Title: Ukrainian Science Fiction; Historical and Thematic Perspectives, Author: Walter Smyrniw
Title: Die Schweizer Sprachenvielfalt im oeffentlichen Diskurs- La diversite des langues en Suisse dans le debat public: Eine sozialhistorische Analyse der Transformationen der Sprachenordnung von 1848 bis 2000- Une analyse socio-historique des transformations d, Author: Jean Widmer
Title: Tonal Consciousness and the Medieval West, Author: Fiona McAlpine
Title: Rene Maran's
Title: The Language of Self: Strategies of Subjectivity in the Novels of Don DeLillo, Author: Phill Pass
Title: Postmodern Spain: A Cultural Analysis of 1980s-1990s Spanish Culture, Author: Antonio Sanchez
Title: Akten des XI. Internationalen Germanistenkongresses Paris 2005-
Title: Bindungsqualitaet zwischen Eltern und Kind in der zweisprachigen Erziehung, Author: Demeter Michael Ikonomu
Title: Women in Nabokov's Life and Art, Author: Nailya Garipova
Title: Reflejos de la ciudad: Representaciones literarias del imaginario urbano, Author: Eugenia Popeanga

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