Title: A Poetics on Edge: - The Poetry and Prose of Sylvia Plath: A study of Sylvia Plath's poetic and poetological developments / Edition 1, Author: Silvianne Blosser
Paperback $97.41 $103.90 Current price is $97.41, Original price is $103.90.
Title: Proust's Imaginary Museum: Reproductions and Reproduction in
Paperback $65.91 $70.30 Current price is $65.91, Original price is $70.30.
Title: Imagining and Making the World: Reconsidering Architecture and Utopia / Edition 1, Author: Nathaniel Coleman
Paperback $75.75 $80.80 Current price is $75.75, Original price is $80.80.
Title: The Shaping of English Poetry: Essays on 'Sir Gawain and the Green Knight', Langland, Chaucer and Spenser, Author: Gerald Morgan
Title: Hawthorne's Visual Artists and the Pursuit of a Transatlantic Aesthetics, Author: Kumiko Mukai
Title: Evaluating Computer-Assisted Language Learning: An Integrated Approach to Effectiveness Research in CALL / Edition 1, Author: Jonathan Leakey
Title: Learning How to Request in an Instructed Language Learning Context / Edition 1, Author: Eva Alcon Soler
Paperback $88.54 $94.45 Current price is $88.54, Original price is $94.45.
Title: Diachrony and Synchrony in English Corpus Linguistics / Edition 1, Author: Alejandro Alcaraz Sintes
Title: Secretos y verdades en los textos de Clara Janes- Secrets and truths in the texts of Clara Janes / Edition 1, Author: Nadia Mekouar-Hertzberg
Title: Education for Diversity and Mutual Understanding: The Experience of Northern Ireland / Edition 1, Author: Norman Richardson
Title: Corpus Analysis for Descriptive and Pedagogical Purposes; ESP Perspectives / Edition 1, Author: Maurizio Gotti
Title: Electronic Emotion: The Mediation of Emotion via Information and Communication Technologies, Author: Jane Vincent
Title: War-torn Tales: Literature, Film and Gender in the Aftermath of World War II, Author: Danielle Hipkins
Title: Communicating Europe: Journals and European Integration 1939-1979 / Edition 1, Author: Luciano Tosi
Title: Global Labour History: A State of the Art / Edition 2, Author: Jan Lucassen
Title: Politics of Utopia: A Study in Theory and Practice, Author: Keith Taylor
Title: Der Berner Totentanz des Niklaus Manuel: Philologische, epigraphische sowie historische Überlegungen zu einem Sprach- und Kunstdenkmal der frühen Neuzeit, Author: Wilfried Kettler
Hardcover $97.41 $103.90 Current price is $97.41, Original price is $103.90.
Title: English Syntax for Spanish Speakers: A Comparative Introduction, Author: Concha Castillo
Paperback $75.75 $80.80 Current price is $75.75, Original price is $80.80.
Title: Madness in Twentieth-Century French Women's Writing: Leduc, Duras, Beauvoir, Cardinal, Hyvrard, Author: Suzanne Dow
Title: Business, Globalization and the Common Good, Author: Henri-Claude de Bettignies

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