Title: Christian Faith in English Church Schools: Research Conversations with Classroom Teachers, Author: Trevor Cooling
Title: Symbols of Anguish: In Search of Melancholy in China: Helmut Martin (1940-1999)
Title: The Fiction of J. M. G. Le Clezio: A Postcolonial Reading, Author: Bronwen Martin
Title: His Hawaiian Excellency: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the Annexation of Hawai, Author: Niklaus R. Schweizer
Title: Nation, Memory and Great War Commemoration; Mobilizing the Past in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Author: Shanti Sumartojo
Title: Escrituras y reescrituras del viaje: Miradas plurales a traves del tiempo y de las culturas, Author: Jose M. Oliver
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Title: Translation in an International Perspective: Cultural Interaction and Disciplinary Transformation, Author: Antoine Caze
Title: The Development of Infant Education in Ireland, 1838-1948: Epochs and Eras, Author: Maura O'Connor
Title: Foremost in Creation: Anthropomorphism and Anthropocentrism in
Title: Informality in Eastern Europe: Structures, Political Cultures and Social Practices, Author: Christian Giordano
Title: Textbooks and Citizenship in modern and contemporary Europe, Author: Paolo Bianchini
Title: Preserving Polyphonies; Translating the Writings of Claude Sarraute, Author: Claire Ellender
Title: Transforming a Learning Society: The Case of Finland, Author: Ari Antikainen
Title: European Community - Yugoslav Relations: Debates and Documents that Mattered (1968-1992), Author: Branislav Radeljic
Title: Studies on English Modality: In Honour of Frank Palmer, Author: Anastasios Tsangalidis
Title: English in International Deaf Communication, Author: Cynthia J. Kellett Bidoli
Title: Worlds of Communication: Interdisciplinary Transitions- In collaboration with Colin B. Grant and Tino G.K. Meitz, Author: Siegfried J. Schmidt
Title: Anthropologies, interculturalite et enseignement-apprentissage des langues- Anthropology, Interculturality and Language Learning-Teaching: Quelle(s) compatibilite(s) ?- How compatible are they?, Author: Fred Dervin
Title: Freres et soeurs du Moyen A,ge a nos jours / Brothers and Sisters from the Middle Ages to the Present, Author: Fabrice Boudjaaba
Title: Stampa e regimi: Studi su

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