Title: Mount Athos: Microcosm of the Christian East, Author: Kallistos Ware
Title: Christian Faith in English Church Schools: Research Conversations with Classroom Teachers, Author: Trevor Cooling
Title: Symbols of Anguish: In Search of Melancholy in China: Helmut Martin (1940-1999)
Title: The Fiction of J. M. G. Le Clezio: A Postcolonial Reading, Author: Bronwen Martin
Title: His Hawaiian Excellency: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy and the Annexation of Hawai, Author: Niklaus R. Schweizer
Title: Wirklichkeit und Literatur: Strategien dokumentarischen Schreibens in der Weimarer Republik, Author: Matthias Uecker
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Exclusion and Inclusion: Gradations of Whiteness and Socio-Economic Engineering in German Southwest Africa, 1884-1914, Author: Robbie Aitken
Title: Masterplan - Konstruktion und Dokumentation amerikanischer Kunstgeschichten: Akten des internationalen Kolloquiums vom 1./2. April 2000 in Bern, Author: Peter J. Schneemann
Title: Landmarks in the History of the German Language, Author: Geraldine Horan
Title: Les pionniers de la Nouvelle peinture en Iran: iuvres meconnues, activites novatrices et scandales au tournant des annees 1940, Author: Alice Bombardier
Title: In the Dark Room: Marguerite Duras and Cinema, Author: Julie Beaulieu
Title: Conceptions of Unity in Recent Ecumenical Discussion: A Philosophical Analysis, Author: Simon Harrison
Title: Christe Eleison!: The Invocation of Christ in Eastern Monastic Psalmody c. 350-450, Author: James Frederick Wellington
Title: Doctoral Education's Reform in Switzerland and Norway: A Public Management Analysis, Author: Lukas Baschung
Title: Textsorten deutscher Prosa vom 12./13. bis 18. Jahrhundert und ihre Merkmale: Akten zum Internationalen Kongress in Berlin 20. bis 22. September 1999, Author: Franz Simmler
Title: Globalization, Sport and Corporate Nationalism: The New Cultural Economy of the New Zealand All Blacks, Author: Jay Scherer
Title: Las riberas del Pacifico: Lengua e identidad cultural hispanas, Author: Miguel Angel Sorroche Cuerva
Title: Leningrad Poetry 1953-1975: The Thaw Generation, Author: Emily Lygo
Title: Tidal Waves? The Political Economy of Populism and Migration in Europe, Author: Leila Simona Talani
Title: Sense and Sensitivity: Difference and Diversity in Higher Education Classrooms, Author: Elisabeth Lillie

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