Title: Simone Weil and Continental Philosophy, Author: A. Rebecca Rozelle-Stone
Title: Hermeneutics at the Crossroads, Author: Kevin J. Vanhoozer
Title: Appeal and Attitude: Prospects for Ultimate Meaning, Author: Steven G. Smith
NOOK Book $27.49 $36.00 Current price is $27.49, Original price is $36.00.
Title: Religion and Theism: The Forwood Lectures Delivered at Liverpool University, 1933. Together with a Chapter on the Psychological Accounts of the Origin of Belief in God, Author: Clement C.J. Webb
NOOK Book $46.49 $52.95 Current price is $46.49, Original price is $52.95.
Title: The Axiological Status of Theism and Other Worldviews, Author: Kirk Lougheed
Title: Divine Omniscience and Human Free Will: A Logical and Metaphysical Analysis, Author: Ciro De Florio Pre-Order Now
Title: Philosophy of Religion: A Global Approach / Edition 1, Author: Steven Phillips
Hardcover $254.01 $270.95 Current price is $254.01, Original price is $270.95.
Title: A Radical Pluralist Philosophy of Religion: Cross-Cultural, Multireligious, Interdisciplinary, Author: Mikel Burley
Title: The Design Argument, Author: Elliott Sober
Title: The Reality of the Mind: St Augustine's Philosophical Arguments for the Human Soul as a Spiritual Substance, Author: Ludger Ho?lscher
Title: The History of Western Philosophy of Religion, Author: Graham Oppy
NOOK Book $161.99 $185.00 Current price is $161.99, Original price is $185.00.
Title: Pragmatic Encroachment, Religious Belief and Practice, Author: A. Rizzieri
Title: Beyond Man: Race, Coloniality, and Philosophy of Religion, Author: Yountae An Pre-Order Now
Title: Philosophy of Religion, Author: Louis J. Pojman
Paperback from $18.63 $27.95 Current price is $18.63, Original price is $27.95.
Title: Nietzsche's Philosophy of Religion, Author: Julian Young
Title: Contemporary Practice and Method in the Philosophy of Religion: New Essays, Author: David Cheetham
Title: Transforming the Theological Turn: Phenomenology with Emmanuel Falque, Author: Martin Koci
Title: Change, the Arrow of Time, and Divine Eternity in Light of Relativity Theory, Author: Daniel Saudek
Title: Religion: If There Is No God... on God, the Devil, Sin and Other Worries of the so-Called Philosophy of Religion, Author: Leszek Kolakowski
Title: Atheism and Agnosticism, Author: Graham Oppy

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