Title: Geomagnetic Micropulsations, Author: J. A. Jacobs
Title: Dynamics of Geomagnetically Trapped Radiation, Author: J. G. Roederer
Title: Geochemical Exploration of the Moon and Planets, Author: I. Adler
Title: The Optical Aurora, Author: A. Omholt
Title: Coronal Expansion and Solar Wind, Author: A. J. Hundhausen
Title: Physics of Planetary Ionospheres, Author: S. J. Bauer
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Title: Particle Diffusion in the Radiation Belts, Author: M. Schulz
Title: Plasma Instabilities and Nonlinear Effects, Author: A. Hasegawa
Title: Geomagnetic Diagnosis of the Magnetosphere, Author: A. Nishida
Title: Nonlinear Phenomena in the Ionosphere, Author: A. Gurevich
Title: Atmospheric Electrodynamics, Author: H. Volland
Title: Long Distance Propagation of HF Radio Waves, Author: Alexander V. Gurevich
Title: Photochemistry of the Atmospheres of Mars and Venus, Author: Vladimir A. Krasnopolsky
Title: X-Ray Emission of Auroral Electrons and Magnetospheric Dynamics, Author: Leonid L. Lazutin
Title: Atmospheres and Ionospheres of the Outer Planets and Their Satellites, Author: Sushil K. Atreya
Title: Space Plasma Physics: 1 Stationary Processes, Author: Akira Hasegawa
Title: Noctilucent Clouds, Author: Michael Gadsden
Title: Energetic Charged-Particle Interactions with Atmospheres and Surfaces, Author: Robert E. Johnson
Title: Physics of the Inner Heliosphere I: Large-Scale Phenomena, Author: Rainer Schwenn
Title: Physics of the Inner Heliosphere II: Particles, Waves and Turbulence, Author: Rainer Schwenn

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