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Title: Studies in silk in byzantium, Author: Anna Muthesius
Title: Donald King's Collected Textile Studies, Author: M. King
Title: Art, Culture and Nature: From Art History to World Art Studies, Author: J. Onians
Title: Eastern Turkey: An Architectural & Archaeological Survey, Volume IV, Author: T. A. Sinclair
Title: The Churches of Rome, 1527-1870: Vol. I. The Churches, Author: Michael Erwee
Title: The Church of the Archangel Michael at Kavalariana: Art and Society on Fourteenth-Century Venetian-Dominated Crete, Author: Angeliki Lymberopoulou
Title: Studies in The History of Medieval Italian Painting, Volume III, Author: Edward B. Garrison
Title: Early Italian Painting: Selected Studies. Volume I - Panels & Frescoes, Author: Edward B. Garrison
Title: Studies in Islamic Painting, Author: Ernst Grube
Title: Commentaries on Roman Art: Selected Studies, Author: Richard Brilliant
Title: Studies in Burgundian Romanesque Sculpture, Volume II: Plates, Author: Neil Stratford
Title: Studies in Byzantine manuscript illumination and iconography, Author: Ioannis Spatharakis
Title: Studies in Imagery vol 1, Author: Jean Michel Massing
Title: Studies in Byzantine Painting, Author: Viktor Lazarev
Title: Studies in English Printing and Libraries, Author: John Claud T. Oates
Title: Studies in Early Christian and Medieval Irish Art, Volume I: Enamel and Metalwork, Author: Francoise Henry
Title: Agricultural History in Great Britain and Western Europe before 1914: A Discursive Bibliography, Author: George Edwin Fussell
Title: An Obscure Portrait: Imaging Women's Reality in Byzantine Art, Author: Rudolf Meyer
Title: Roman Museums: Selected Papers on Roman Art and Architecture, Author: D. E. Strong
Title: Studies in Late Byzantine Painting, Author: Doula Mouriki

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