Title: Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Motherhood, Author: Marla Jo Fisher
Title: Helen of Pasadena, Author: Lian Dolan
Title: Elizabeth the First Wife, Author: Lian Dolan
Title: An Old Man's Game: An Amos Parisman Mystery, Author: Andy Weinberger
Title: Reason To Kill: An Amos Parisman Mystery, Author: Andy Weinberger
Title: Somehow Saints: More Travels in Search of the Saintly, Author: Mary Lea Carroll
Title: Hiroshima Boy (Mas Arai Series #7), Author: Naomi Hirahara
Title: The Devil's Interval (Maggie Fiori Series #2), Author: Linda Lee Peterson
Title: How Not to Be Old (Even If You Are), Author: Jill Orr
Title: Read Me, Los Angeles: Exploring L.A.'s Book Culture, Author: Katie Orphan
Title: Iced in Paradise: A Leilani Santiago Hawai'i Mystery, Author: Naomi Hirahara
Title: Little Flower Baking, Author: Christine Moore
Title: Daditude: The Joys & Absurdities of Modern Fatherhood, Author: Chris Erskine
Title: The Break-Up Activity Book: Crafting Your Way Through a Broken Heart, Author: Lynn Chang
Title: Das Cookbook: German Cooking . . . California Style, Author: Hans Rockenwagner
Title: The Good Byline (Riley Ellison Series #1), Author: Jill Orr
Title: L.A. Mexicano, Author: Bill Esparza
Title: The Bad Break (Riley Ellison Series #2), Author: Jill Orr
Title: Washing the Dead, Author: Michelle Brafman
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Title: The Ugly Truth: A Riley Ellison Mystery, Author: Jill Orr

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