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Title: Environmental Histories of the Cold War, Author: J. R. McNeill
Title: Anticipating Total War: The German and American Experiences, 1871-1914, Author: Manfred F. Boemeke
Title: Paths of Continuity: Central European Historiography from the 1930s to the 1950s, Author: Hartmut Lehmann
Title: Exiled Among Nations: German and Mennonite Mythologies in a Transnational Age, Author: John P. R. Eicher
Title: The German Minority in Interwar Poland, Author: Winson Chu
Title: American Policy and the Reconstruction of West Germany, 1945-1955, Author: Jeffry M. Diefendorf
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Title: Forced Migration and Scientific Change: Emigre German-Speaking Scientists and Scholars after 1933, Author: Mitchell G. Ash
Title: In and out of the Ghetto: Jewish-Gentile Relations in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany, Author: R. Po-Chia Hsia
Title: The United States and Germany during the Twentieth Century: Competition and Convergence, Author: Christof Mauch
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Title: The Treaty of Versailles: A Reassessment after 75 Years, Author: Manfred F. Boemeke
Title: Dictatorship in History and Theory: Bonapartism, Caesarism, and Totalitarianism, Author: Peter Baehr
Title: Berlin - Washington, 1800-2000: Capital Cities, Cultural Representation, and National Identities, Author: Andreas Daum
Title: In and out of the Ghetto: Jewish-Gentile Relations in Late Medieval and Early Modern Germany / Edition 1, Author: R. Po-Chia Hsia
Title: Inventing the Silent Majority in Western Europe and the United States: Conservatism in the 1960s and 1970s, Author: Anna von der Goltz
Title: Austrian Banks in the Period of National Socialism, Author: Gerald D. Feldman
Title: Historical Justice in International Perspective: How Societies are Trying to Right the Wrongs of the Past, Author: Manfred Berg
Title: Identity and Intolerance: Nationalism, Racism, and Xenophobia in Germany and the United States, Author: Norbert Finzsch
Title: Life after Death: Approaches to a Cultural and Social History of Europe During the 1940s and 1950s, Author: Richard Bessel
Title: Between Sorrow and Strength: Women Refugees of the Nazi Period, Author: Sibylle Quack
Title: Institutions of Confinement: Hospitals, Asylums, and Prisons in Western Europe and North America, 1500-1950, Author: Norbert Finzsch

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