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Title: Speak the Ocean, Author: Rebecca Enzor
Title: The Fangs of Freelance, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: Conduit, Author: C.C. Dowling
Title: Undeath and Taxes, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: The Untold Tale, Author: J.M. Frey
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Title: Bloody Acquisitions, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: Deadly Assessments, Author: Drew Hayes
Title: Gambit, Author: C.L. Denault
Title: From Under the Mountain, Author: Cait Spivey
Title: Deceptive Cadence, Author: Katie Hamstead
Title: Roses, Author: Melinda Michaels
Title: Ghosts (An Accidental Turn Novella), Author: J.M. Frey
Title: The Forgotten Tale, Author: J.M. Frey
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Title: The Silenced Tale, Author: J.M. Frey
Title: Dare to Dream, Author: Carys Jones
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Title: Off Book, Author: Jessica Dall
Title: Sachael Dreams, Author: Melody Winter
Title: The Misadventures of a Life Less Lived, Author: Clayton Gerrard
Title: Sachael Desires, Author: Melody Winter

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