Title: Peace and Justice / Edition 1, Author: Rachel Kerr
Title: Stage Direction: Stories from a Passion Play, Author: Rachel Kerr
Title: The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: An Exercise in Law, Politics, and Diplomacy, Author: Rachel Kerr
Title: US Foreign Policy and Iran: American-Iranian Relations since the Islamic Revolution, Author: Donette Murray
Title: Reconciliation after War: Historical Perspectives on Transitional Justice, Author: Rachel Kerr Pre-Order Now
Title: Legitimacy and the Use of Armed Force: Stability Missions in the Post-Cold War Era / Edition 1, Author: Chiyuki Aoi
Title: Russia's Foreign Security Policy in the 21st Century: Putin, Medvedev and Beyond, Author: Marcel De Haas
Title: Justifying America's Wars: The Conduct and Practice of US Military Intervention / Edition 1, Author: Nicholas Kerton-Johnson