Title: Medieval Punishment and Torture, Author: Stephen Currie
Title: Disease in History, Author: Bruno Leone
Title: Gambling Addiction, Author: Christine Wilcox
Title: Stem Cell Research, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: Is Offshore Oil Drilling Worth the Risks?, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: Teenage Suicide, Author: Peggy J. Parks
Title: The Digital Age, Author: harry henderson
Title: Alien Encounters, Author: Patricia D. Netzley
Title: The Salem Witch Trials, Author: Gail B. Stewart
Title: Childhood Obesity, Author: Bonnie Juettner
Title: Nuclear Power, Author: Jill Carson
Title: King Arthur, Author: William W. Lace
Title: Vampires, Author: Stuart A. Kallen
Title: Life along the Ancient Nile, Author: Jim Whiting
Title: Urban Legends, Author: gail stewart
Title: How Serious a Problem Is Drug Use in Sports?, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: Ancient Rome, Author: Hal Marcovitz
Title: Genetic Disorders, Author: Peggy J. Parks
Title: Water Monsters, Author: gail stewart
Title: Does Illegal Immigration Harm Society?, Author: Scott Barbour

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