Title: The Mystic Fable: The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries / Edition 1, Author: Michel de Certeau
Title: Hiding, Author: Mark C. Taylor
Title: Dante's Interpretive Journey / Edition 2, Author: William Franke
Title: Dante's Interpretive Journey, Author: William Franke
Title: Deconstruction, Feminist Theology, and the Problem of Difference: Subverting the Race/Gender Divide, Author: Ellen T. Armour
Title: An Ethics of Remembering: History, Heterology and the Nameless Others / Edition 2, Author: Edith Wyschogrod
Title: Negative Certainties, Author: Jean-Luc Marion
Title: Secularization and Cultural Criticism: Religion, Nation, and Modernity, Author: Vincent P. Pecora
Title: Heidegger's Confessions: The Remains of Saint Augustine in
Title: Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression / Edition 1, Author: Jacques Derrida
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Title: The Reason of Following: Christology and the Ecstatic I, Author: Robert P. Scharlemann
Title: The Figural Jew: Politics and Identity in Postwar French Thought (Religion and Postmodernism Series), Author: Sarah Hammerschlag
Title: Thinking in Jewish, Author: Jonathan Boyarin
Title: The Dark Gaze: Maurice Blanchot and the Sacred / Edition 2, Author: Kevin Hart
Title: Abiding Grace: Time, Modernity, Death, Author: Mark C. Taylor
Title: In Search of Dreamtime: The Quest for the Origin of Religion / Edition 1, Author: Tomoko Masuzawa
Title: About Religion: Economies of Faith in Virtual Culture, Author: Mark C. Taylor
Title: Arts of Wonder: Enchanting Secularity - Walter De Maria, Diller + Scofidio, James Turrell, Andy Goldsworthy, Author: Jeffrey L. Kosky
Title: Sensible Ecstasy: Mysticism, Sexual Difference, and the Demands of History, Author: Amy Hollywood
Title: Beyond Words: Discourse and Critical Agency in Africa, Author: Andrew Apter

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