Title: Come on Closer, Artist: Douglas Roop
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Title: Backcountry
Title: Awaken to Dawn, Artist: Roop Verma
Title: Our Solar System, Author: American Museum of Natural History
Title: Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, Author: Connie Roop
Title: Homage to Ganesha, Artist: Roop Verma
Title: Louisiana Purchase, Author: Peter Roop
Title: The Book of One: The Eternal Testament, Author: Rama Ka Roop
Title: Genesis: Believers Church Bible Commentary, Author: Eugene Roop
Title: Buttons for General Washington, Author: Connie Roop
Title: Baby Dolphin's First Day: (Level 1), Author: American Museum of Natural History
Title: Forgiven, Author: Lisa Helen Gray
Title: Eye for an Eye: A Story of the Revolutionary War, Author: McGraw Hill
Title: Take Command, Captain Farragut!, Author: Peter Roop
Title: Baby Whale's Long Swim: (Level 1), Author: American Museum of Natural History
Title: Down East in the Ocean: A Maine Counting Book, Author: Peter Roop
Title: Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499: A Synchronous Approach for Embedded and Automation Systems, Author: Li Hsien Yoong
Title: The Price of Love, Author: Cassandra Roop
Title: Ashley's Bend (A Celtic Knot Novel), Author: Cassy Roop
Title: Pilgrim Voices: Our First Year in the New World, Author: Peter Roop

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