Title: Ancient Australian Landscapes, Author: C. Rowland Twidale
Title: Wattles, Author: Maria Hitchcock
Title: The Perpetual Refugee: Images of a Holocaust Child, Author: Paul Kraus
Title: An Eyewitness Account of Gallipoli: Words and Sketches by Signaller Ellis Silas, Author: Ellis Silas
Title: A Country Garden: Creating a Garden in Rural Australia, Author: Fiona Ogilvie
Title: Billy the Blackfella from Bourke, Author: Chris Woodland
Title: More than a Life: John Meredith: and the Fight for Australian Tradition, Author: Keith McKenry
Title: War in Afghanistan: A Short History of 80 Wars and Conflicts in Afghanistan and the Northwest Frontier, 1839-2011, Author: Kevin Baker
Title: Fishing for the Past: Casting nets and lines into Australia's early colonial history, Author: Julian Pepperell
Title: Diary of a Spitfire Pilot: Over the English Channel and over Darwin, Author: Granville Allen Mawer
Title: Lying for the Admiralty, Author: Margaret Cameron-Ash
Title: Droving Down the Cooper: A Saddlemaker's Yarns, Author: Col Hood
Title: Medicinal Plants in Australia: An Antipodean Apothecary, Author: Cheryll Williams
Title: Comeng: A History of Commonwealth Engineering: Volume 4: 1977-1985, Author: John Dunn
Title: Against the Grain: 14 farmers adapt to climate change, Author: Bill Hampel
Title: The Master: The John Fahey Story, Author: John Fahey
Title: Catherine McMahon: A Remarkable Convict Woman, Author: Damian King
Title: Exploring A Wild Australian Coast: On the South Coast of New South Wales, Author: Klaus Hueneke
Title: Walk Across Australia: Alone with camels, Author: David Mason
Title: A Voyage to New Holland and Round the World, Author: Captain James Colnett RN

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