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Title: America and the Postwar World: Remaking International Society, 1945-1956 / Edition 1, Author: David Mayers
Title: Censuses and Census Takers: A Global History / Edition 1, Author: Gunnar Thorvaldsen
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Title: Women and Politics in Wartime China: Networking Across Geopolitical Borders / Edition 1, Author: Vivienne Xiangwei Guo
Title: Histories of Productivity: Genealogical Perspectives on the Body and Modern Economy / Edition 1, Author: Peter-Paul Banziger
Title: Civic Nationalisms in Global Perspective / Edition 1, Author: Jasper Trautsch
Title: The Global History of the Balfour Declaration: Declared Nation / Edition 1, Author: Maryanne A. Rhett
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Title: First World War Nursing: New Perspectives, Author: Alison S. Fell
Title: War Veterans and the World after 1945: Cold War Politics, Decolonization, Memory / Edition 1, Author: Angel Alcalde
Title: The Assyrian Genocide: Cultural and Political Legacies / Edition 1, Author: Hannibal Travis
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Title: Castro and Franco: The Backstage of Cold War Diplomacy / Edition 1, Author: Haruko Hosoda
Title: The Style and Mythology of Socialism: Socialist Idealism, 1871-1914, Author: Stefan Arvidsson
Title: The Russo-Japanese War and its Shaping of the Twentieth Century / Edition 1, Author: Frank Jacob
Title: Scientific Research in World War II: What Scientists Did in the War / Edition 1, Author: Ad Maas
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Title: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Revisionism in Postcolonial Africa: The Case of Mozambique, 1975-1994, Author: Alice Dinerman
Title: Reason, Religion and the Australian Polity: A Secular State? / Edition 1, Author: Stephen A. Chavura
Title: The Origins of Anti-Authoritarianism, Author: Nina Witoszek
Title: War and Displacement in the Twentieth Century: Global Conflicts / Edition 1, Author: Sandra Barkhof
Title: The International Eugenics Movement in the Twentieth Century, Author: Bradley W. Hart Pre-Order Now
Title: Intellectuals in the Latin Space during the Era of Fascism: Crossing Borders / Edition 1, Author: Valeria Galimi
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Title: Colonial Soldiers in Europe, 1914-1945:

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