Title: A Library of the World's Best Literature - Ancient and Modern - Vol.XXXII (Forty-Five Volumes); Rumi-Scherer, Author: Charles Dudley Warner
Title: Three Mystics Walk into a Tavern: A Once and Future Meeting of Rumi, Meister Eckhart, and Moses de Leon in Medieval Venice, Author: James C. Harrington
Title: Rumi; One of a Million: Volume 10, Author: Simone Mirulla
Title: Gedichte des Sams aus Täbris: (Auswahl), Author: Dschalal o'd Din Rumi
Title: Dardedel: Rumi, Hafez, and Love in New York, Author: Manoucher Parvin
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Title: Masnawi Sacred Texts of Islam: Book Six, Author: Mawlana Rumi
Title: Masnawi Sacred Texts of Islam: Book One, Author: Mawlana Rumi
Title: MASNAVI, Author: Dschalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi
Title: Rumi and Modern Scientific Views, Author: Nezameddin Faghih
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Title: Rumi's Field, Author: Timothy Scott Bennett
Title: Jalaluddin Rupur Kabita: Poems of Jalaluddin Rumi, Author: Quazi Johirul Islam
Title: Anatomy and physiology:
Title: A Child's Collection of Rumi - Twelve Stories from The Masnavi Adapted for Young Minds, Author: Shanti Rava
Title: niscaya'i pratyeka musakilera sathe asani'o rayeche / Nischoi Prottek Muskiler sathe asani o royeche (Bengali), Author: Masuda Sultana Rumi
Title: Naked Morsels: short stories of spiritual erotica, Author: Robin Rumi
Title: Rumi Poetry: 100 Bedtime Verses, Author: Rumi
Title: Rumi's Spiritual Shi'ism, Author: Seyed Ghahreman Safavi
Title: Embracing the World: Fethullah Gule's Thought and Its Relationship with Jelaluddin Rumi and Others, Author: Ori Z. Soltes
Title: Reading Rumi In Sarajevo: The Mevlevi Tradition in the Balkans, Author: Emin Lelic
Title: Rumi Weeds: Poems of a wayfarer, Author: Ron Geaves

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