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Title: Morphology and Syntax: Tools for Analyzing the World's Languages / Edition 1, Author: J. Albert Bickford
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Title: An Introduction to Field Phonetics, Author: Norris P. McKinney
Title: Bible Translation: An Introductory Course in Translation Principles, Author: Katherine Barnwell
Title: Analyzing Discourse: A Manual of Basic Concepts, Author: Robert A. Dooley
Title: Discourse Features of New Testament Greek: A Coursebook on the Information Structure of New Testament Greek, 2nd Edition, Author: Stephen H. Levinsohn
Title: Ethnologue: Languages of Africa and Europe, Twenty-Second Edition, Author: David M. Eberhard
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Title: African Friends and Money Matters: Observations from Africa, Second Edition, Author: David E. Maranz
Title: A Semantic and Structural Analysis of Romans, Author: Ellis W. Deibler
Title: Zapotec Oral Literature: Folklore Texts in Mexican Indian Languages, Author: Chuck Speck
Title: A Manual for Problem Solving in Bible Translation, Author: Mildred Larson
Title: Assessing Ethnolinguistic Vitality: Theory and Practice, Author: Gloria Kindell
Title: Ethnologue: Languages of Asia, Twentieth Edition, Author: Gary F. Simons
Title: Current Trends and Issues in Hispanic Linguistics, Author: Lenard Studerus
Title: Studies in the Psalms: Literary-Structural Analysis with Application to Translation, Author: Ernst R. Wendland
Title: The Dong Language in Guizhow Province, China, Author: Yaohong Long
Title: Asheninka Stories of Change, Author: Ronald James Anderson
Title: Paul's Anthropological Terms in the Light of Discourse Analysis, Author: Sunny Chen
Title: The Drama of Life; A Study of Life Cycle Customs among the Guambiano, Colombia, South America, Author: Judith Bautista Sâanchez
Title: The Development of Textlinguistics in the Writings of Robert Longacre, Author: Shin Ja J. Hwang
Title: An Exegetical Summary of Jude, 2nd Edition, Author: J. Harold Greenlee

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