Title: The Mighty Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 3, Author: Walt Simonson
Title: Avengers Epic Collection: This Beachhead Earth, Author: Roy Thomas
Title: Ms. Marvel Epic Collection: This Woman, This Warrior, Author: Chris Claremont
Title: Marvel Two-in-One Epic Collection: Cry Monster, Author: Steve Gerber
Title: Avengers: The Complete Celestial Madonna Saga, Author: Steve Englehart
Title: Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic Book 3, Author: J.M. DeMatteis
Title: Defenders Epic Collection: The New Defenders, Author: JM DeMatteis
Title: Machine Man by Kirby & Ditko: The Complete Collection, Author: Jack Kirby
Title: Defenders Epic Collection: Ashes, Ashes..., Author: J.M. DeMatteis
Title: Captain America Epic Collection: Hero or Hoax?, Author: Stan Lee