Title: Angel Spells: The Enochian Occult Workbook Of Charms, Seals, Talismans And Ciphers, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Behind The Flying Saucers: The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Angels Of The Lord - Expanded Edition: Calling Upon Your Guardian Angel For Guidance And Protection, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Nikola Tesla: Cosmic Voyager: The Genius Who Came From Another Planet, Author: Margaret Storm
Title: Underground Alien Bio Lab At Dulce: The Bennewitz UFO Papers, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: UFO Hostilities And The Evil Alien Agenda: Lethal Encounters With Ultra-Terrestrials Exposed, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Matrix Of The Mind: UFO Abductions - MK Ultra - And Electronic Harassment Technology Designed To Warp Your Brain, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: The UFO Repeaters - Seeing Is Believing - The Camera Doesn't Lie, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Tim R. Swartz's Big Book of Incredible Alien Encounters: A Global Guide to Space Aliens, Interdimensional Beings And Ultra-Terrestrials, Author: Timothy Green Beckley
Title: Alien Space Gods Of Ancient Greece And Rome - Revelations Of The Oracle Of Delphi, Author: W. Raymond Drake
Title: Legacy of the Sky People: The Extraterrestrial Origin of Adam and Eve; The Garden of Eden; Noah's Ark and the Serpent Race, Author: Nick Redfern
Title: Behind The Flying Saucers -- The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash - Updated Edition, Author: Frank Scully
Title: America's Top Secret Treaty With Alien Life Forms: Plus The Hidden History Of Our Time, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Alien Strongholds on Earth: Secret UFO Bases Exist All Around Us, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Evil Empire Of The ETs And The Ultra-Terrestrials: Conspiracy Reader Presents, Author: Tim R Swartz
Title: Psychic and UFO Revelations for the Twenty-First Century: Freak Weather-Earth Changes-Pole Shifts-Aliens Arrive-Global Conflict-Epidemics, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: The Secret Space Program Who Is Responsible? Tesla? The Nazis? NASA? Or A Break Civilization?: Evidence We Have Already Established Bases On The Moon And Mars!, Author: Sean Casteel
Title: Secrets Of Mount Shasta And A Dweller On Two Planets, Author: Nick Redfern
Title: UFOs, Time Slips, Other Realms, And The Science Of Fairies: Another World Awaits Just Beyond The Shadows Of Consciousness, Author: Timothy Green Beckley
Title: Curse of the Men-In-Black: Return of the UFO Terrorists, Author: Timothy Green Beckley

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