Title: Sandcastle, Author: Pierre Oscar Levy
Title: Apollo, Author: Matt Fitch
Title: The Communist Manifesto: A Graphic Novel, Author: Karl Marx
Title: The Boxer: The True Story of Holocaust Survivor Harry Haft, Author: Reinhard Kleist
Title: The Nao of Brown, Author: Glyn Dillon
Title: One Year Wiser: The Coloring Book: Unwind with Weekly Illustrated Meditations, Author: Mike Medaglia
Title: Josephine Baker, Author: Jose-Luis Bocquet
Title: Maggy Garrisson, Author: Lewis Trondheim
Title: The Trial of Roger Casement, Author: Fionnuala Doran
Title: Hellraisers, Author: Robert Sellers
Title: Magritte: This is Not a Biography: Art Masters Series, Author: Vincent Zabus
Title: The Return of the Honey Buzzard, Author: Aimee de Jongh
Title: Blossoms in Autumn, Author: Zidrou
Title: Conference of Birds, Author: Peter Ss
Title: Guantanamo Kid: The True Story of Mohammed El-Gharani, Author: Jerome Tubiana
Title: The Master and Margarita: A Graphic Novel, Author: Mikhail Bulgakov
Title: The Man Who Laughs, Author: Victor Hugo
Title: The Motherless Oven, Author: Rob Davis
Title: Klimowski Poster Book, Author: Andrzej Klimowski
Title: Agatha: The Real Life of Agatha Christie, Author: Anne Martinetti

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