Title: Serial Killers True Crime: Chilling True Crime Cases Of The Worlds Most Twisted Serial Killers And Criminals, Author: Layla Hawkes
Title: The Serial Killers: The Sadistic Seven, Author: Rodney Cannon
Title: Ted Bundy: A Life From Beginning to End, Author: Hourly History
Title: Unsolved Murders: The Amazing Accounts And Horrific Stories Of The Worlds Most Well Known Unsolved Murders, Murder Mysteries And Unsolved Crimes, Author: Victor Ellanos
Title: Unsolved Murders: A Stunning Look At the Worlds Most Famous Unsolved Murders, Unsolved Mysteries, Unsolved Crimes And What Really Happened?, Author: Victoria Mason
Title: L'Homme qui tue les femmes: mémoires d'un serial killer, Author: Camille Lemonnier
Title: Serial Killers: True Crime Stories Of The Most Vicious Serial Killers In History (Serial Killers True Crime, #1), Author: Brody Clayton
Title: Serial Killers Rage and Horror: 8 Shocking True Crime Stories of Serial Killers and Killing Sprees, Author: Rebecca Lo
Title: The World Encyclopedia of Serial Killers: Volume One, A-D, Author: Susan Hall
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Title: Emancipation: Pen Pals and Serial Killers - Book One, Author: Jo Michaels
Title: Serial Killers: The World's Most Evil, Author: Nigel Blundell
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Title: Serial Killers: Most Horrific Serial Killers Biographies, True Crime Cases, Murderers, Author: Jeff Kramer
Title: Criminal Psychology: The Criminal Mind of a Serial Killer, Author: Shawn Becker
Title: True Crime Stories: 10 Heinous True Crime Stories Of Sickly Serial Killers, Murderers And Sociopaths, Author: Travis S. Kennedy
Title: Emancipation, Author: Jo Michaels
Title: True Crime Stories: Murderers Who Killed Freely For Years: True Crime Stories Of Maniac Serial Killers, Author: Joseph A. Mudder
Title: The Serial Killers, Pure Evil, Author: rodney cannon
Title: Women Who Kill: True Crime Stories Of Killer Women, Serial Killers And Psychopathic Women Who Kill For Pleasure, Author: Brody Clayton
Title: Better Off Without Her, Author: Rita Hestand

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