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Title: To The Center Of The Earth, Author: Greig Beck
Title: The Siberian Incident, Author: Greig Beck
Title: Primordia II: Return to the Lost World, Author: Greig Beck
Title: Primordia: In Search of the Lost World, Author: Greig Beck
Title: Dead Bait 2, Author: Steve Alten
Title: Megalodon In Paradise, Author: Hunter Shea
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Title: Operation Antarctica, Author: William Meikle
Title: Operation: Siberia, Author: William Meikle
Title: Dead Bait 4, Author: Nate Southard
Title: Savage Jungle: Lair Of The Orang Pendek, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: Vengeance from the Deep - Book Three: Isle of Blood, Author: Russ Elliott
Title: RAWR, Author: Eddie Generous
Title: Scorpius Rex, Author: William Burke
Title: Loch Ness Revenge, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: Thresher: A Deep Sea Thriller, Author: Michael Cole
Title: From The Deep, Author: Michael Bray
Title: Fury Of The Orcas, Author: Hunter Shea
Title: Grimweave, Author: Tim Curran
Title: Megalodon: Apex Predator, Author: S.J. Larsson
Title: Dead Bait, Author: David Dunwoody

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