Title: The Meta Pattern: The Ultimate Structure of Influence for Coaches, Hypnosis Practitioners, and Business Executives, Author: Shawn Carson
Title: The Visual Squash: An NLP Tool for Radical Change, Author: Shawn Carson
Title: The CIA Pattern: Transform Your Life With Your Inner Dream Team, Author: Shawn Carson
Title: Keeping the Brain in Mind: Practical Neuroscience for Coaches, Therapists, and Hypnosis Practitioners, Author: Melissa Tiers
Title: The Swish: An In Depth Look at this Powerful NLP Pattern, Author: Jess Marion
Title: HypnoGames For HypnoJunkies, Author: Shawn Carson
Title: From Call to Client: The Official Guide To Turning Prospects Into High Paying and Satisfied Stop Smoking Clients, Author: Sarah Carson
Title: Deep Trance Identification: The Companion Manual, Author: Jess Marion
Title: The BEAT Coaching System, Author: Sarah Carson