Title: Tender Loving Care, Author: Susan Mallery
Title: Almost to the Altar, Author: Neesa Hart
Title: Rings, Roses...And Romance, Author: Barbara Benedict
Title: Seven Reasons Why, Author: Neesa Hart
Title: Pale Rider, Author: Myrna Temte
Title: My Child, Our Child, Author: Patricia Hagan
Title: Stand-In Mom, Author: Marie Ferrarella
Title: The Princess Gets Engaged, Author: Tracy Sinclair
Title: Whose Baby Is This?, Author: Patricia Thayer
Title: Father Most Wanted, Author: Marie Ferrarella
Title: The M.D. Meets His Match, Author: Marie Ferrarella
Title: The Truth About Tate, Author: Marilyn Pappano
Title: Lily and the Lawman, Author: Marie Ferrarella
Title: Nick All Night, Author: Cheryl St. John
Title: The Summer House: Marrying Mandy/Courting Cassandra, Author: Susan Mallery
Title: Midnight, Moonlight & Miracles, Author: Teresa Southwick
Title: The Trouble With Josh, Author: Marilyn Pappano
Title: The Bride Wore Blue Jeans, Author: Marie Ferrarella
Title: A Little Bit Pregnant, Author: Susan Mallery
Title: Charlie's Angels, Author: Cheryl St. John

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