Title: The Home Love Built, Author: Christine Flynn
Title: JOURNEY OF THE HEART, Author: Elissa Ambrose
Title: Just a Family Man, Author: Carolyn Seabaugh
Title: Ticket to Love, Author: Jen Safrey
Title: MR. FIX-IT, Author: Jo Ann Algermissen
Title: Blindsided, Author: Leslie LaFoy
Title: Acquiring Mr. Right, Author: Laurie Paige
Title: The Bridesmaid's Gifts, Author: Gina Wilkins
Title: Medicine Man, Author: Cheryl Reavis
Title: Twice Her Husband, Author: Mary J. Forbes
Title: After That Night..., Author: Helen R. Myers
Title: The Best of Both Worlds, Author: Elissa Ambrose
Title: His Mother's Wedding, Author: Judy Duarte
Title: The Marriage Solution, Author: Brenda Harlen
Title: Which Child Is Mine?, Author: Karen Rose Smith
Title: FAMILY MERGER, Author: Leigh Greenwood
Title: Diary of a Domestic Goddess, Author: Elizabeth Harbison
Title: SUDDENLY FAMILY, Author: Christine Flynn
Title: Honeymoon Ranch, Author: Celeste Hamilton

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