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Title: Crossings, Author: B. Pine
Title: A Small Holiday, Author: Jane Tesh
Title: Into Fire, Author: Brittany Westerberg
Title: Drone World, Author: Jim Kochanoff
Title: Tales of the Council of Elders, Author: Clifford Bowyer
Title: Dancing with Fey, Author: K. Elizabeth Cargiulo
Title: Rebirth of the Ninja - Spirit, Author: T.J. Perkins
Title: Familiar Origins, Author: B Pine
Title: Glimpses of Destiny, Author: B Pine
Title: Heart of the Ninja - Water, Author: T.J. Perkins
Title: Over Water, Author: Brittany Westerberg
Title: Coming of Age, Author: B Pine
Title: The Sailweaver's Son, Author: Jeff Minerd
Title: Plights, Author: B Pine
Title: Shiranai Law: Death, Author: Hayley Myer
Title: Severance, Author: B. Pine
Title: The Aeonians, Author: J.E. Klimov
Title: Truth of the Ninja - Air, Author: T.J. Perkins
Title: Transitions, Author: Clifford Bowyer