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Title: Rational Consensus in Science and Society: A Philosophical and Mathematical Study, Author: Keith Lehrer
Title: Therapeutic Laser Endoscopy in Gastrointestinal Disease / Edition 1, Author: David E. Fleischer
Title: Clinical Management of Renal Transplantation / Edition 1, Author: Mary G. McGeown
Title: Protoalgebraic Logics / Edition 1, Author: Janusz Czelakowski
Title: Community College Models: Globalization and Higher Education Reform / Edition 1, Author: Rosalind Latiner Raby
Title: Hypertension in Kidney Disease / Edition 1, Author: J.S. Cheigh
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Title: Geriatric Nephrology: The medical, psychosocial, nursing, financial and ethical issues of treating end-stage renal disease in the elderly, Author: Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos
Title: Geospatial Technology and the Role of Location in Science / Edition 1, Author: Henk J. Scholten
Title: Fatigue of Structures and Materials / Edition 2, Author: J. Schijve
Title: Butchering, Processing and Preservation of Meat, Author: Frank G Ashbrook
Title: Mathematics as an Educational Task / Edition 1, Author: Hans Freudenthal
Title: Advances in Complex Electromagnetic Materials, Author: A. Priou
Title: Philadelphia's Black Mafia: A Social and Political History / Edition 1, Author: S.P. Griffin
Title: Encyclopedia of Soil Science / Edition 1, Author: Ward Chesworth
Title: Atlas of Single-Incision Laparoscopic Operations in General Surgery / Edition 1, Author: Shuodong Wu
Title: Chemistry and Technology of Agrochemical Formulations, Author: A. Knowles
Title: Willing and Unwilling: A Study in the Philosophy of Arthur Schopenhauer / Edition 1, Author: J.P. Young
Title: Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Brushless Machines / Edition 2, Author: Jacek F. Gieras
Title: Illustrated Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Author: V.V. Schwartz
Title: Psychiatric Presentations of Medical Illness: Somatopsychic Disorders, Author: R.C.W. Hall

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