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Title: Spanish Economic Growth, 1850-2015, Author: Leandro Prados de la Escosura
Title: Paris Climate Agreement: Beacon of Hope, Author: Ross J. Salawitch
Title: Beyond Safety Training: Embedding Safety in Professional Skills, Author: Corinne Bieder
Title: Big Data in Context: Legal, Social and Technological Insights, Author: Thomas Hoeren
Title: Resilience: A New Paradigm of Nuclear Safety: From Accident Mitigation to Resilient Society Facing Extreme Situations, Author: Joonhong Ahn
Title: The Illusion of Risk Control: What Does it Take to Live With Uncertainty?, Author: Gilles Motet
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Title: The Social Life of Economic Inequalities in Contemporary Latin America: Decades of Change, Author: Margit Ystanes
Title: Re-activation of Vacant Retail Spaces: Strategies, Policies and Guidelines, Author: Luca Tamini
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Title: Handbook of Ocean Wave Energy, Author: Arthur Pecher
Title: Aquaculture Perspective of Multi-Use Sites in the Open Ocean: The Untapped Potential for Marine Resources in the Anthropocene, Author: Bela H. Buck
Title: Fallibility at Work: Rethinking Excellence and Error in Organizations, Author: Øyvind Kvalnes
Title: Climate Smart Agriculture: Building Resilience to Climate Change, Author: Leslie Lipper
Title: Sustainable Manufacturing: Challenges, Solutions and Implementation Perspectives, Author: Rainer Stark
Title: The Crisis for Young People: Generational Inequalities in Education, Work, Housing and Welfare, Author: Andy Green
Title: The Economy as a Complex Spatial System: Macro, Meso and Micro Perspectives, Author: Pasquale Commendatore
Title: New Methods for Measuring and Analyzing Segregation, Author: Mark Fossett
Title: The Interconnected Arctic - UArctic Congress 2016, Author: Kirsi Latola
Title: Trust and Reputation Management Systems: An e-Business Perspective, Author: Denis Trcek
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Title: Media Resistance: Protest, Dislike, Abstention, Author: Trine Syvertsen
Title: China's Gas Development Strategies, Author: Shell International B.V.

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