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Title: Understanding Gaia: A Mission to Map the Galaxy, Author: Gabriella Bernardi
Paperback $26.99 $29.99 Current price is $26.99, Original price is $29.99.
Title: Financial Exposure: Carl Levin's Senate Investigations into Finance and Tax Abuse, Author: Elise J. Bean
Title: Global Shocks: An Investment Guide for Turbulent Markets, Author: Nicholas P. Sargen
Title: Succeeding in Academic Medicine: A Roadmap for Diverse Medical Students and Residents, Author: John P. Sánchez
Title: The Social Life of Economic Inequalities in Contemporary Latin America: Decades of Change, Author: Margit Ystanes
Title: Exploring the Early Digital, Author: Thomas Haigh
Title: Luxury Selling: Lessons from the world of luxury in selling high quality goods and services to high value clients, Author: Francis Srun
Title: Introduction to Compiler Design / Edition 2, Author: Torben Ægidius Mogensen
Title: Geometric Multiplication of Vectors: An Introduction to Geometric Algebra in Physics, Author: Miroslav Josipovic
Title: The Attention Deficit: Unintended Consequences of Digital Connectivity, Author: Swati Bhatt
Paperback $25.19 $27.99 Current price is $25.19, Original price is $27.99.
Title: Aggressors in Blue: Exposing Police Sexual Misconduct, Author: Tom Barker
Paperback $31.49 $34.99 Current price is $31.49, Original price is $34.99.
Title: World of Computing: A Primer Companion for the Digital Age, Author: Gerard O'Regan
Title: Abstract Algebra: An Introductory Course, Author: Gregory T. Lee
Paperback $43.64 $44.99 Current price is $43.64, Original price is $44.99.
Title: The Executive Guide to Artificial Intelligence: How to identify and implement applications for AI in your organization, Author: Andrew Burgess
Title: Confessions of the Pricing Man: How Price Affects Everything, Author: Hermann Simon
Title: From War to Peace in the Balkans, the Middle East and Ukraine, Author: Daniel Serwer
Title: Manhattan Project: The Story of the Century, Author: Bruce Cameron Reed
Hardcover $44.99 $49.99 Current price is $44.99, Original price is $49.99.
Title: Shipping and Globalization in the Post-War Era: Contexts, Companies, Connections, Author: Niels P. Petersson
Title: Stars with Stripes: The Essential Partnership between the European Union and the United States, Author: Anthony Luzzatto Gardner
Title: Iceland from the West to the South, Author: Wolfgang Fraedrich

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