Title: Strategy for Action - II: Strategy Formulation, Development, and Control / Edition 1, Author: Giorgio Gandellini
Title: The Co-creative Meeting: Practicing Consensual Effectivity in Organizations, Author: Christoph Mandl
Title: Switchpoints for the Future of Logistics, Author: Ingo Wieck
Title: Options in Alliances: Valuing Flexibility in Inter-Firm Collaborations / Edition 1, Author: Francesco Baldi
Title: Hormones, Talent, and Career: Unlock Your Hormonal Quotient�, Author: Diana Derval
Title: Humanitarian Logistics: Cross-Sector Cooperation in Disaster Relief Management, Author: Alessandra Cozzolino
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Title: The Bubble Theory: Towards a Framework of Enlightened Needs and Fair Development, Author: Min Ding
Title: Understanding Family Firms: Case Studies on the Management of Crises, Uncertainty and Change / Edition 1, Author: Alan L. Carsrud
Title: Family Firms in Transition: Case Studies on Succession, Inheritance, and Governance / Edition 1, Author: Alan L. Carsrud
Title: Export Assistance: The Way Back and Forward: An Empirical Investigation into Developing Country
Title: Taxation, Growth and Fiscal Institutions: A Political and Economic Analysis, Author: Albert J. Lee
Title: Performance Measurement with the Balanced Scorecard: A Practical Approach to Implementation within SMEs, Author: Stefano Biazzo
Title: Mode 3 Knowledge Production in Quadruple Helix Innovation Systems: 21st-Century Democracy, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship for Development / Edition 1, Author: Elias G. Carayannis
Title: Excel-Based Business Analysis: Forecasting Key Business Trends / Edition 1, Author: Ali Anari
Title: A Cross-Border-Only Regulation for Consumer Transactions in the EU: A Fresh Approach to EU Consumer Law, Author: Christian Twigg-Flesner
Title: Boundary-Spanning Marketing Organization: A Theory and Insights from 31 Organization Theories / Edition 1, Author: G. Tomas M. Hult
Title: Epistemic Governance in Higher Education: Quality Enhancement of Universities for Development / Edition 1, Author: David F. J. Campbell
Title: Transatlantic Science and Technology: Opportunities for Real Cooperation Between Europe and the United States / Edition 1, Author: Sabine E. Herlitschka
Title: Real Options and Strategic Technology Venturing: A New Paradigm in Decision Making / Edition 1, Author: Caroline M. Sipp
Title: Private Equity Targets: Strategies for Growth, Market Barriers and Policy Implications / Edition 1, Author: Francesco Baldi

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