Title: Patterns of Power: Inviting Young Writers into the Conventions of Language, Grades 1-5, Author: Jeff Anderson
Title: Understanding the Math We Teach and How to Teach It, K-8, Author: Marian Small
Paperback $100.12 $105.33 Current price is $100.12, Original price is $105.33.
Title: Literacy Essentials: Engagement, Excellence and Equity for All Learners, Author: Regie Routman
Paperback $54.06 $58.00 Current price is $54.06, Original price is $58.00.
Title: Math Tools in Action Journal Grade 1-5, Author: Chris Confer & Marco Ramirez
Title: Happy Reading! (DVD): Creating a Predictable Structure for Joyful Teaching and Learning, Author: Debbie Miller
Title: Math Tools in Action Anchor Charts, Author: Macro Ramirez
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Title: Fact Finders! Shared Nonfiction Think-Aloud, Author: Patrick A. Allen
Title: School Play, Author: Eddie Rosenstein & Rick velleu
Multimedia $118.80 $132.00 Current price is $118.80, Original price is $132.00.
Title: When Students Write (DVD), Author: Ralph Fletcher
Title: Strategy Instruction in Action [With Study Guide], Author: Stephanie Harvey
Title: Think Nonfiction! (DVD): Modeling, Reading, and Research, Author: Stephanie Harvey
Title: Thoughtful Reading (DVD): Teaching Comprehension to Adolescents, Author: Cris Tovani
Title: The Joy of Conferring (DVD): One-on-One with Young Readers, Author: Debbie Miller
Title: The Craft of Grammar (DVD): Integrated Instruction in Writer's Workshop, Author: Jeff Anderson
Title: Literature Groups All Year Long (DVD), Author: Carolyn Bridges
Title: Mentoring (DVD): Guiding, Coaching, and Sustaining Beginning Teachers, Author: Donna Niday
Title: In the Beginning (DVD), Author: Ralph Fletcher
Title: Comprehending Content (DVD): Reading Across the Curriculum, Grades 6-12, Author: Cris Tovani
Title: Talk To Me, Author: Cris Tovani
Title: Building Adolescent Readers (DVD), Author: Kelly Gallagher

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