Title: What's So Scary About R.L. Stine?, Author: Patrick Jones
Title: Ann Rinaldi: Historian and Storyteller, Author: Jeanne M. McGlinn
Title: Norma Fox Mazer: A Writer's World, Author: Arthea J.S. Reed
Title: Exploding the Myths: The Truth about Teenagers and Reading / Edition 1, Author: Marc Aronson
Title: The Agony and the Eggplant: Daniel Pinkwater's Heroic Struggles in the Name of YA Literature, Author: Walter Hogan
Title: Caroline Cooney: Faith and Fiction, Author: Pamela Sissi Carroll
Cyber Week
A Sale for the (P)ages
Title: Declarations of Independence: Empowered Girls in Young Adult Literature, 1990-2001, Author: Joanne Brown
Title: Lost Masterworks of Young Adult Literature, Author: Connie S. Zitlow
Title: Beyond the Pale: New Essays for a New Era, Author: Marc Aronson
Title: Orson Scott Card: Writer of the Terrible Choice, Author: Edith S. Tyson
Title: Jacqueline Woodson: 'The Real Thing', Author: Lois Thomas Stover
Title: Virginia Euwer Wolff: Capturing the Music of Young Voices, Author: Suzanne Elizabeth Reid
Title: More than a Game: Sports Literature for Young Adults, Author: Chris Crowe
Title: Humor in Young Adult Literature: A Time to Laugh, Author: Walter Hogan
Title: Life Is Tough: Guys, Growing Up, and Young Adult Literature, Author: Rachelle Lasky Bilz
Title: Sarah Dessen: From Burritos to Box Office, Author: Wendy J. Glenn
Title: American Indian Themes in Young Adult Literature, Author: Paulette F. Molin
Title: The Heart Has Its Reasons: Young Adult Literature with Gay/Lesbian/Queer Content 1969-2004, Author: Michael Cart
Title: Karen Hesse, Author: Rosemary Oliphant-Ingham
Title: Graham Salisbury: Island Boy, Author: David Macinnis Gill

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