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Title: Auschwitz Survivor: How I Survived Hitler's Ovens, Author: Pastor Survivor
Title: Surviving the Devil - Escaping Domestic Violence: A True Story, Author: Melanie Survivor
Title: Reflections on Green River: The Letters of, and Conversations with, Ted Bundy, Author: Sara: A Survivor
Title: Writing About My Health Journey with Kidney Cancer: College Ruled (I Refuse To Sink Orange Awareness Ribbon Cover), Author: Kidney Cancer Survivor Books
Title: Domestic Violence: Your Relationship, Author: Melanie Survivor
Title: Escaping Abuse Through Grace, Author: Survivor
Title: No More Being Abused, I'm Taking My Life Back, Author: Ms. Survivor
Title: Initial Beginnings, Author: Purposed Survivor
Title: Getting Out Alive, Author: Purposed Survivor
Title: Exposing the Devil: What Is Done in the Dark Comes to the Light, Author: Survivor Angel
Title: The Tormenting Factor: Generation to Generation, Author: Ima Survivor
Title: The Chemo Diet! Weight Loss Without Really Trying: A Survivor's Tale of a Sure Fire Way to Lose Weight, Among Other Things, Author: Ann-Marie Bochicchio -. Survivor!
Title: 12 Step Guide to Restoration, Author: Purposed Survivor
Title: Revolving Doors: The True Account of the Full Spectrum of Fostering Abuses of a Boy before Age Five, Author: Author Dawn Maree Ketteringham
Title: My Storm, My Deliverance, and My Break Through the Pain Up Under My Skin, Author: Survivor Angel