Title: The Cheyenne Story: An Interpretation of Courage, Author: Gerry Robinson
Title: Lady Long Rider, Author: Bernice Ende
Title: Exploring Washington's Backroads: Highways and Hometowns of the Evergreen State, Author: John J. Deviny
Title: Waiting for the Revolution: A Montana Memoir, Author: Jo Anne Troxel
Title: Prison Paws: Max's Story, Author: Donna Cochran
Title: Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One's Own, Author: Sarah Carter
Title: Wondering About Wildflowers: A Wildflower Guide for the Northern Rocky Mountains, Author: Sharon Philips Huff
Title: Horseback Riding in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks, Author: Dana Damron
Title: Yellowstone: Near, Far and Wild, Author: David Peterson
Title: Bleeding Spirits: A Combat Soldier's Memoir of the Vietnam War, 1968-1969, Author: Robert Jewell
Title: Bozeman from the Heart, Author: June B Safford
Title: A Prairie Year: Notecards to Max, Author: George Rohde
Title: The Heart of Penstemon Country: A Natural History of Penstemons in the Utah Region, Author: Mikel Stevens
Title: T. Rex Generations, Author: Ted Rechlin
Title: The Legend of Turtle Bridge, Author: Stephen Coombs
Title: Winter Wonderland in Yellowstone, Author: I-Ting Chiang
Title: Do Antelope Eat Cantaloupe? And Other Creatures with Imagined Features, Author: Margaret Wilhelm
Title: A Country Doctor and the Epidemics: Montana 1917-1918, Author: Steven Helgerson
Title: Seth and Mattie's Big River Adventure, Author: Sara Owen
Title: A Good Thing Makes Things Look Good: The Ministry of Being a Wife, Author: Lydia A McDonald

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