Title: Barefoot Through Burning Lava: On Sicily, the Island of Cain: An Esoteric Travelogue, Author: T H Meyer
Title: Reality, Truth, and Evil: Facts, Questions, and Perspectives on September 11 2001, Author: T. H. Meyer
Title: Rudolf Steiner's Core Mission: The Birth and Development of Spiritual-Scientific Karma Research, Author: T. H. Meyer
Title: A Life of Creative Purpose: Embrace Uniqueness, Explore Boldness, Encourage Faith, Author: T.H. Meyer
Title: D. N. Dunlop: A Man of Our Time: A Biography, Author: T H Meyer
Title: The New Cain: The Temple Legend as a Spiritual and Moral Impulse for Evolution and Its Completion by Rudolf Steiner: With the Ritual Texts for the First, Second and Third Degrees, Author: T H Meyer
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Title: Development of Anthroposophy since Rudolf Steiner's Death, Author: T.H. Meyer
Title: Representative Men: In the Light of Anthroposophy: With a Chapter on the Twelve Worldviews, Author: T H Meyer
Title: Ludwig Polzer-Hoditz : A European, Author: T. H. Meyer
Title: The Bodhisattva Question: Krishnamurti, Steiner, Tomberg, and the Mystery of the Twentieth-Century Master, Author: T H Meyer
Title: Clairvoyance and Consciousness: The Tao Impulse in Evolution, Author: T H Meyer