Title: Shakespeare and Trump, Author: Jeffrey R. Wilson
Title: The Eagles Encyclopedia: Champions Edition, Author: Ray Didinger
Hardcover $35.99 $40.00 Current price is $35.99, Original price is $40.00.
Title: The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood, Author: Tommy J. Curry
Title: City in a Park: A History of Philadelphia's Fairmount Park System, Author: Lynn Miller
Title: Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right: American Life in Columns, Author: Michael A
Title: Caribbean Currents:: Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae, Author: Peter Manuel
Title: Reframing Transracial Adoption: Adopted Koreans, White Parents, and the Politics of Kinship, Author: Kristi Brian
NOOK Book $27.99 $31.95 Current price is $27.99, Original price is $31.95.
Title: Silent Gesture: The Autobiography of Tommie Smith, Author: Tommie Smith
Title: Not June Cleaver: Women and Gender in the Postwar America, 1945-1960 / Edition 1, Author: June Meyerowitz
Title: Do Right by Me: Learning to Raise Black Children in White Spaces, Author: Valerie I. Harrison
Title: The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy, Author: Allan Johnson
Title: Still Philadelphia: A Photographic History 1890-1940, Author: Fredric Miller
Hardcover $45.10 $46.50 Current price is $45.10, Original price is $46.50.
Title: A Collective Pursuit: Teachers' Unions and Education Reform, Author: Lesley Lavery
Title: Mexican Voices of the Border Region: Mexicans and Mexican Americans Speak about Living along the Wall, Author: Laura Velasco Ortiz
NOOK Book $25.49 $33.95 Current price is $25.49, Original price is $33.95.
Title: Vanishing Eden: White Construction of Memory, Meaning, and Identity in a Racially Changing City, Author: Michael Maly
Title: Savage Portrayals: Race, Media and the Central Park Jogger Story, Author: Natalie Byfield
Title: We Make the Road by Walking: Conversations on Education and Social Change, Author: Myles Horton
Paperback $26.55 $28.95 Current price is $26.55, Original price is $28.95.
Title: Tasting Freedom: Octavius Catto and the Battle for Equality in Civil War America, Author: Daniel R. Biddle
Title: The Battles of Germantown: Effective Public History in America, Author: David W. Young
Title: American History Now / Edition 3, Author: Eric Foner

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