Title: Xicotencatl, Author: Guillermo Castillo-Feliu
Title: Dreamtigers, Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Title: Extravagaria: A Bilingual Edition, Author: Pablo Neruda
Title: Psychology of the Mexican: Culture and Personality, Author: R. Diaz-Guerrero
Title: José Clemente Orozco: An Autobiography, Author: José Clemente Orozco
Title: La Malinche In Mexican Literature / Edition 1, Author: Sandra M. Cypess
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Title: Fifth Sun: Aztec Gods, Aztec World, Author: Burr Cartwright Brundage
Title: The Empty Book, Author: Josefina Vicens
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Title: Birds without a Nest, Author: Clorinda Matto de Turner
Title: Certificate Of Absence, Author: Sylvia Molloy
Title: Twentieth-Century Latin American Poetry: A Bilingual Anthology (Texas Pan American Series), Author: Stephen Tapscott
Title: Family Ties, Author: Clarice Lispector
Title: Sab and Autobiography (Texas Pan American Series), Author: Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda y Arteaga
Title: Borges And His Fiction, Author: Gene H. Bell-Villada
Title: Iphigenia / Edition 1, Author: Teresa De La Parra
Title: A Saint Is Born In Chim, Author: Manuel Zapata Olivella
Title: Cartucho, And My Mother's Hands, Author: Nellie Campobello
Title: In Order To Talk With The Dead, Author: Jorge Teiller
Title: Whatever Happened To Dulce Veiga? A B-Novel, Author: Caio Fernando Abreu
Title: Barbarous Mexico, Author: John Kenneth Turner

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