Title: Recollections of Things to Come, Author: Elena Garro
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Title: Other Inquisitions, Author: Jorge Luis Borges
Title: Heaven Born Merida and Its Destiny: The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel, Author: Munro S. Edmonson
Title: Rubén Darío and the Romantic Search for Unity: The Modernist Recourse to Esoteric Tradition, Author: Cathy Login Jrade
Title: The Decapitated Chicken and Other Stories, Author: Horacio Quiroga
Title: Cumboto, Author: Ramón Díaz Sánchez
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Title: The Social Conscience of Latin American Writing, Author: Naomi Lindstrom
Title: Whatever Happened To Dulce Veiga? A B-Novel, Author: Caio Fernando Abreu
Title: Who if I Cry Out, Author: Gustavo Corção
NOOK Book $9.49 $9.95 Current price is $9.49, Original price is $9.95.
Title: Complete Works And Other Stories, Author: Augusto Monterroso
Title: Family Ties, Author: Clarice Lispector
Title: A Mexican Family Empire: The Latifundio of the Sánchez Navarro Family, 19288, Author: Charles H. Harris
Title: Politics, Gender, And The Mexican Novel, 1968-1988, Author: Cynthia Steele
Title: The Artist in New York: Letters to Jean Charlot and Unpublished Writings, 1925-1929., Author: Orozco
by Orozco
Title: Bolívar and the War of Independence: Memorias del General Daniel Florencio O'Leary, Narración, Author: Daniel Florencio O'Leary
Title: Contemporary Mexican Women Writers, Author: Gabriella De Beer
Title: Women Writers of Latin America: Intimate Histories, Author: Magdalena Garcia Pinto
Title: Fields of the Tzotzil: The Ecological Bases of Tradition in Highland Chiapas, Author: George A. Collier
Title: The Ancient Future of the Itza: The Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimin, Author: Munro S. Edmonson
Title: Xicotencatl, Author: Guillermo Castillo-Feliu

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