Title: Certificate of Absence, Author: Sylvia Molloy
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Title: Ritual Humor in Highland Chiapas, Author: Victoria Reifler Bricker
Title: Mexico in Its Novel: A Nation's Search for Identity, Author: John Stubbs Brushwood
Title: Senhora, Author: Jose Martiniano De Alencar
Title: Mexican Revolution, Author: Charles C. Cumberland
Title: A Saint Is Born In Chim, Author: Manuel Zapata Olivella
Title: The Road to OPEC: United States Relations with Venezuela, 1919-1976, Author: Stephen G. Rabe
Title: ¡Viva Cristo Rey!: The Cristero Rebellion and the Church-State Conflict in Mexico, Author: David C. Bailey
Title: Iphigenia / Edition 1, Author: Teresa De La Parra
Title: Contemporary Mexican Women Writers: Five Voices, Author: Gabriella de Beer
Title: Marginal Voices, Author: Julio Ram N Ribeyro
Title: Fifth Sun: Aztec Gods, Aztec World, Author: Burr Cartwright Brundage
Title: American Extremes, Author: Daniel Cosio Villegas
Title: Nahuat Myth And Social Structure, Author: James M Taggart
Title: The Exiles and Other Stories, Author: Horacio Quiroga
Title: The Lean Lands, Author: Agustin Yáñez
Title: Psychology of the Mexican: Culture and Personality, Author: R. Diaz-Guerrero
Title: Sexuality And Being In The Poststructuralist Universe Of Clarice Lispector, Author: Earl E Fitz
Title: Complete Works And Other Stories, Author: Augusto Monterroso
Title: Mexican Literature: A History, Author: David William Foster

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