Title: The Dark Corner, Author: Easton Livingston
Title: Monsters of the Dark (Echoes of Elder Times), Author: Lisa Williamson
Title: EYE WAS IN THE DARK: Strong Woman Growing, Author: Madalyn Murray
Title: Beldagar: A Dark Eve Story, Author: TK Thompson
Title: The Dark Corner: Featuring the Makarios Cadre, Author: Easton Livingston
Title: Bred By The Dark Lord (Gothic Erotic Romance), Author: Virginia Wade
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Title: Light Among the Dark (Agents of the Bureau, #0), Author: Kharma Kelley
Title: Alone in the Dark, Author: J.A. Cipriano
Title: Footsteps in the Dark, Author: Georgette Heyer
Title: Richard Wurmbrand: A Voice in the Dark, Author: Catherine MacKenzie
Title: Cobwebs in the Dark, Author: Rachael Richey
Title: The Grail Maiden, Author: E. C. Ambrose
Title: In the Dark, Author: Jackie Ashenden Pre-Order Now
Title: Scarred, Author: Amanda Leigh
Title: Her Black Wings, Author: A.J. Norris
Title: The Black Magicians: Classic Tales of Sorcery & Evil, Author: The Dark Lords
Title: The Dark Sire: Issue 1 (Fall 2019), Author: W.C. Mallery
Title: The Adventures of Marco and Carla: The Dark Castle, Author: Shamara S. Davis
Title: The Pearl Of Souls, Author: Michael D Nixon
Title: Into the Dark Lands (The Sundered Series #1), Author: Michelle Sagara West

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