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Title: The Dark Corner, Author: Easton Livingston
Title: The Grail Maiden, Author: E. C. Ambrose
Title: not gonna die in the dark: episode 1, Author: Adam Archer
Title: What's Done in The Dark: A Troubled Beginning, Author: Tiffany Terri Wallace
Title: Forever His, Author: Violet Haze
Title: Shadows of The Heart, Author: L.D. Hutchinson
Title: Dungeon Configure, Author: Troy Neenan
Title: Kiss Me, Straight, Author: Michael P. Thomas
Title: Dark Fate: The Gathering (Volume One), Author: Matthew Howerter
Title: A Call From The Dark, Author: Christopher A Frank
Title: Amber and Ashes, Author: Margaret Weis
Title: Intrigued, Author: Z.L. Arkadie
Title: Lovers Revealed, Author: Nikki Lynn
Title: The Dark Traveler: Book One, Author: Richard Schulman
Title: The Dark Horse, Author: Josh Lanyon
Title: Shattered Dreams, Author: Ulff Lehmann
Title: The Demons We See (The Dark Abyss of Our Sins, #1), Author: Krista D. Ball
Title: The Dark Mermaid: Siren's Song, Author: Nicolas Blanc
Title: Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1, Author: Jim Henson
Title: Taken in the Dark 1: Her Secret, Author: Emma Rose

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