Title: Sword in the Stars, Volume 1, Author: Wayne Thomas Batson
Title: Sparks Fly, Author: Kadian Thomas
Title: Dream Keeper, Author: Amber R. Duell
Title: The Dark Side of the Moon, Author: Reed Piller
Title: Dark Fate: The Gathering (Volume One), Author: Matthew Howerter
Title: Shadows in the Dark, Author: L. D. Hutchinson
Title: Dark Dreams, Author: Randall L Scott
Title: Whispers of the Dead, Author: C. S. Daley
Title: Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths, Vol. 2, Author: Brian Froud
Title: Dark Temple, Author: Randall L. Scott
Title: Incarnators, Author: C.S. Daley
Title: Dark Realms, Author: Randall L. Scott