Title: The Grail Maiden, Author: E. C. Ambrose
Title: The Dark Corner, Author: Easton Livingston
Title: Deep In The Dark, Author: Eileen Travis
Title: The Dark Mermaid: Siren's Song, Author: Nicolas Blanc
Title: The Churchyard, Author: Johnny Cottrell
Title: Rise Of The Dark Angel, Author: Carol Brearley
Title: Lovers Revealed, Author: Nikki Lynn
Title: Simon Says, Author: Bianca D'Arc
Title: The Shadows of Stormclyffe Hall (The Dark Seductions Series, #1), Author: Lauren Smith
Title: The Whitewood Kitarra, Author: Christie Maurer
Title: Shattered Dreams, Author: Ulff Lehmann
Title: The Dark Side of Indigo, Author: Catrenia Jones
Title: Cryptopolis, Author: Adario Strange
Title: Dream Keeper, Author: Amber R. Duell
Title: Bound by Shadow, Author: Anna Windsor
Title: Marked (Shadows in the dark, #1), Author: Charisse Spiers
Title: Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance #1, Author: Jim Henson
Title: From the Dark, Book 1, Author: Scott W. Clark
Title: The Dark Horse, Author: Josh Lanyon
Title: Glittering Ashes, Author: Kelley Smith

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